Without mincing words, this new study moves right into support these assertions, offering the following indications that fluoride is not only of dubious benefit for dental health, but that it is also terrible for overall human health: 1. Fluoride is not critical for healthy teeth: “It is widely accepted that fluoride only helps prevent dental decay by topical means—by direct action on the tooth enamel predominantly after eruption and dental plaque [16, 17]. However, it is important to note that while fluoride contributes to the remineralisation process in the enamel of the tooth surface ..
Edible Water Bottles
The problem of water bottle waste is spawning new earth-friendly innovations every day.  A recent article on Mother Nature News (MNN).com reports that the latest of these is a completely edible water bottle. Pioneered by three Spanish design students, this newest innovation, called Ooho, looks like a clear plastic bladder.  In reality, it’s a gelatinous membrane made from brown algae and calcium chloride.  Thirsty consumers need only puncture it to access contained water or toss a small Ooho directly into their mouths and bite down for hydration. The technique required to ..
From Tap to Sap: Is Tree Water the Next Big Thing?
Most consumers get their daily hydration from the tap or bottle.  But according to USA Today.com, a new trend is emerging: sap water. A few small Canadian firms have been selling maple water as a regional/seasonal for several years. Now, a New York company has started to make tree hydration commercially available to more Americans. Maple sap itself is neither sticky nor overly sweet.  In fact, it has the same consistency as water.  Forty gallons of sap are needed to make just one gallon of maple syrup, which is what remains after the water gets boiled off. The best part..
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Hydrogen-powered Car Produces Drinkable Water
Cars are one of the worst, most ubiquitous polluters on the planet.  But soon, they may end up producing some of the water we drink. According to The Weather Network.com, car manufacturer Honda has just begun promoting the world’s first mass-produced vehicle that runs on compressed hydrogen instead of gas.  Its H20 emissions are so clean you can drink them. As part of its advertising campaign, Honda Australia has actually bottled the water its vehicles produce through their exhaust systems and begun distributing it in movie theatres around the country.  The company also pl..
Cooling Down the Hot and Thirsty Land Down Under
Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent with limited freshwater resources.  And this past month, it’s been breaking heat wave records left and right. According to The Telegraph online, cities in South Australia, such as Adelaide and Melbourne, have endured daily temperatures in excess of 43 degrees.  It’s been so hot that beach lifeguards are now working night shifts and plastic water bottles have been reported to melt on contact with concrete. What’s worse, though, is that the heat has also been causing a spate of dangerous bush fires that have so far killed hundre..
4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Drinking Water
Everyone knows that drinking water is important. It provides life-giving hydration and helps cells in the human body absorb nutrients and expel waste products. But did you know that water also offers other, less-touted benefits, too? 1. Water hydrates skin from within Drinking water helps reduce dry skin. Better still, because it helps keep skin moisturized, water reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not drinking enough will cause the body to retain it to conserve resources. And retention can lead to puffy skin and even bloating. 2. Water helps build muscle Water carr..
JiMax Sports Drinks Powder: Replenishing Electrolytes
Electrolytes – most notably, sodium, potassium and chloride – are elements that affect and regulate such things as hydration and blood pH in all higher organisms. They also play a critical role in nerve and muscle function. Most of us get sufficient amounts in our diets because electrolytes are present in many different foods. Sometimes, though, the human body needs more. Ice Express kiosks can be a go-to source for consumers who need to regain electrolytic balance. And that’s because our water and ice vending machines can be outfitted to sell JiMax sports powders. When mixed with our lo..
4 Hydration Facts for Athletes
Water–and especially the water our Ice Express kiosks can dispense–is a fantastic performance-enhancer for athletes. In fact, it’s among the best things they can drink to rejuvenate themselves. Unfortunately, though, too many of the sports-inclined overlook the power of this essential nutrient. Here are some facts about water that every athlete-–or active person, for that matter–should consider: 1.    The human body cannot function without water.   It’s a known fact that athletes can die of dehydration.  And no wonder, water is a key constituent in many of ..
10 Facts About Precious Water
Water is something everyone needs even more than food. Depending on such factors as weight, ambient temperature and rates of exertion, the human body can typically survive seven to eight weeks without eating anything.  But without water, that same body can only survive three to five days without water.  You can experience dehydration in hot weather within an hour. And that’s just one of the amazing facts about water. Did you know that: approximately 70% of an adult body is made up of water; the minimum amount of water a healthy person should drink is eight or nine 200mL..