Cooling Down the Hot and Thirsty Land Down Under

Cooling Down the Hot and Thirsty Land Down Under

Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent with limited freshwater resources.  And this past month, it’s been breaking heat wave records left and right.

According to The Telegraph online, cities in South Australia, such as Adelaide and Melbourne, have endured daily temperatures in excess of 43 degrees.  It’s been so hot that beach lifeguards are now working night shifts and plastic water bottles have been reported to melt on contact with concrete.

What’s worse, though, is that the heat has also been causing a spate of dangerous bush fires that have so far killed hundreds of people and destroyed thousands of homes.  Tens of thousands of firefighters have been put on standby and fire bans have been imposed across the state of Victoria.

Most of these areas are facing restrictions due to ongoing water shortages.  The current heat wave, which is one of the worst the land down under has seen since official meteorological recordkeeping began in 1910, has increased the strain on Australian water resources exponentially.

So how are thirsty Australians giving their bodies the water they need, sparing a notoriously ozone-compromised environment, and saving precious water?  Many are doing it using Ice Express water and ice vending machines.

Yes, our kiosks are now in the Land Down Under.  Ice Express machines, which use only municipal resources and do all filtration onsite, are proving their worth to Australian consumers Southern hemisphere summer that’s turning out to be among the most brutal ever.

Aussies live in a fragile ecosystem.  And because of that, they understand better than anyone the environmental benefits our kiosks offer, which go well beyond providing owners with a steady source of passive income.  So when you’re ready to invest in a green business that’s now going global, contact us!