JiMax Sports Drinks Powder: Replenishing Electrolytes

JiMax Sports Drinks Powder: Replenishing Electrolytes

Electrolytes – most notably, sodium, potassium and chloride – are elements that affect and regulate such things as hydration and blood pH in all higher organisms. They also play a critical role in nerve and muscle function.

Most of us get sufficient amounts in our diets because electrolytes are present in many different foods. Sometimes, though, the human body needs more.

Ice Express kiosks can be a go-to source for consumers who need to regain electrolytic balance. And that’s because our water and ice vending machines can be outfitted to sell JiMax sports powders. When mixed with our locally-sourced purified Ice Express water products, JiMax can help replace electrolytes lost through:

1. Heavy work-outs

When the body perspires, the moisture evaporates to cool skin. If the body does not get cooled down – and especially if the ambient temperatures are high – it continues to lose both water and electrolytes which can harm muscles.

2. Illness

Repeated vomiting and diarrhea drains the body of water and electrolytes, as does high fever. Fluid balance gets disrupted which affects mechanisms regulating body temperature and a whole host of other biochemical processes.

3. Medicinal regimens

Some medicines cause the body to either eliminate or be unable to take in sufficient amounts of electrolytes. They include:

                         diuretics – they increase the loss of sodium, potassium and chloride

                         neomycin – this antibiotic binds sodium into insoluble compounds, rendering it less available to the body

                         colchicine – this anti-gout drug lessens the ability of the body to absorb sodium

JiMax sports powders come in two delicious flavors, being blue raspberry and fruit punch. Each packet makes one 3.8L. They’re the perfect complement to any Ice Express water and ice vending machine and can help boost profits, too.

If you’re looking to do something positive for the health of your community and your bank account, you can’t go wrong with Ice Express kiosks and JiMax sports powders. They’re the dynamic duo that do everybody good!