4 Hydration Facts for Athletes

4 Hydration Facts for Athletes

Water–and especially the water our Ice Express kiosks can dispense–is a fantastic performance-enhancer for athletes. In fact, it’s among the best things they can drink to rejuvenate themselves. Unfortunately, though, too many of the sports-inclined overlook the power of this essential nutrient.

Here are some facts about water that every athlete-–or active person, for that matter–should consider:

1.    The human body cannot function without water.


It’s a known fact that athletes can die of dehydration.  And no wonder, water is a key constituent in many of the body’s biochemical reactions.


 2.    Water is essential for digestion.

The body needs water to:

  • moisten and digest food;
  • transport food nutrients to and from cells;
  • discard waste; and
  • dissipate heat.

Water is also a major component of muscles and organs. It makes up about 60% of a man’s bodyweight and 50% of a woman’s.

 3.    Body water absorbs heat from the muscles and sweat dissipates heat.

The evaporation of 36 ounces (about 1 liter) of sweat from the skin represents a loss of about 580 calories. Sweat helps prevent overheating during exercise and in hot environments.

 4.    Dehydration can hinder athletic performance.

Athletes who lose more than 2% of their body weight in water lose their mental edge as well as their ability to perform well. Sweat loss that amounts to 10% or more of body weight can be life-threatening.

Ice Express water and ice vending machines are just what the thirsty athletes and members of your community need.