Is the water purified and fluoride free?
Yes all our water goes through a 9-stage purification process which removes fluoride from the water.

Is the ice purified and fluoride free?
Yes the ice is also fluoride free. The water goes through an 8-stage purification process before sent to the ice machines.

Is it really healthier than regular water?
It is a well-known fact that there can be over 50 different types of chemicals and contaminants added to our water at any one time. Drinking untreated water can contain toxins and harmful contaminants that can cause harm to the human body. To avoid this, you must ensure that you are drinking clean and healthy water like Ice Express’s.

Do you have to take your own water bottle?
If you are buying bulk water you will need to take your own water container to the machine.  However, if you are only buying small quantities our machine also vends 1L BPA free water bottles that are collapsible and reusable!!

What do we do if we have trouble with the machine?
Ice Express has a full remote management and monitoring system that allows us to fix most problems you may encounter instantaneously! Simply call the assistance number on the machine and we will remotely fix the problem for you.