What is the size of the Ice Express vending building??
The ice vending building is 2.7 Metres Wide, 4 Metres Long and 4 Metres High (at the highest point).

Is a concrete pad required?
Yes, the pad should be 10' X 16', 6' thick and reinforced with #4 rebar.

What are the electrical requirements?
3 Phase 60 Amp power supply. Underground or overhead service.

What are the water requirements?
¾ or 1” supply line and a 2” drain.

What is the ice production capability for the Ice Express vending building?
Ice Express can accommodate anywhere from 1-4 icemakers. With all four icemakers, Ice Express can produce up to 3,387 kgs of ice every 24 hours! Each icemaker produces 847 kgs of ice every 24 hours.