Vending Machine Features

The Ice Express Vending Machine offers numerous customer-friendly features that make it quick and easy for customers to get a great product, and for vending kiosk owners to make a healthy profit.

Ice Express Burleigh

Ice Express can vend purified water & ice at the same time! Allowing two customers to be served at once!

Front of the Machine

The Ice Express Machines accept coins, vouchers and notes ($5/$10/$20) with separate slots for the ice and water. Vouchers should also be inserted into the note collector.

Water Side

For water, customers can select 1, 5 or 10 litres of purified water and an optional free bottle rinse.

Water Vends

For ice, customers can select 6KG or 10KG. The ice will be bagged right in front on your eyes and then slide down. Bag ties available.

Ice Vend

The water comes out here. For bulk water line up your bottle and place in on the ledge.

Bulk Water Vend

For small quantities hold your bottle half way down to avoid getting splashed!

1L water vend

To buy a BPA free water bottle insert money on the water side and make your selection.

Bottle/Sports Drinks